When it comes to cyber threats, having an efficient and effective Security Operations Center (SOC) can be the difference between a minor incident and a devastating security breach. With cyberattacks becoming even more frequent, complicated and vicious there is a big challenge to keep your customers safe.

Discover why Barracuda XDR is the SOC you need and how you can use it to:

  • Stand out in the market thanks to the white labelling and branding options
  • Spend less time on monitoring and managing your customer's environments
  • Provide a safer world thanks to our 24/7 services

Barracuda XDR is an Extended visibility, Detection & Response
 platform that is backed by a group of tenured security experts in our 24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC), providing proactive cybersecurity-as-a-service for MSPs and their customers. Your standalone solutions just aren’t enough to secure your customers in today’s landscape.



JPKehoe 250x250.png

JP Kehoe

Sales VP, Managed XDR
Barracuda MSP


 John Deninno

Manager, Sales Engineering XDR
Barracuda MSP