Every IT environment is exposed to attacks. Some of them are outside the company, and some of them will lead your company to data and money loss. Some of them will stop your company from running. The sad fact is that you already face them every day. Multilayered protection is critical to protecting your customers, but a simple human error can negate the value of even the strongest technological defences. In the event of a successful attack, your best ransomware defence is a trusted backup.

Join us on Tuesday,  April 19 at 3 pm SAST to hear from our data protection expert on the critical part a backup plays during a ransomware attack.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The role a backup plays in protecting customers in a ransomware attack
  • How to educate your customers on what to look for in a backup solution
  • Cloud to Cloud backup - SaaS solution for unlimited backup dedicated for an M365 environment
If you are responsible for web application security, data protection or M365 this webinar is for you.

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Scott Cripps

Data Protection and Network Security
Technical Sales Engineer
Barracuda MSP