5 Steps to Convert Website Visitors into Leads

Prospects on your website see little difference between you and other MSPs. In their eyes, you’re a commodity. If given the opportunity, you and your sales team can show them that you’re a valuable partner, capable of solving their problems. There’s one small issue… You have no idea who those web visitors are or how to reach them.

When your web visitors are anonymous, it is impossible for your team to begin qualifying a conversation with them. But, if you capture their information, your team can begin this process before your competitors get the chance.

Join prospect attraction expert and author, Kendra Lee, and get a 5-step action plan to capture leads. Use this strategy to grab contact information, build lists, effectively follow up, and move prospects through their journey from web visitor to client.

In this webinar you’ll discover:

  • 16 ways to drive more website traffic
  • 5 steps to lead capture
  • 2 calls to action you must have to increase conversion
  • What to do with leads who aren’t ready




Kendra Lee

KLA Group