Deepfakes: How AI is complicating cyberthreats

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to quickly evolve, scammers are finding new ways to fool victims with phishing scams that defy traditional email security efforts. One of these emerging threats, commonly referred to as ‘deepfake’ attacks, is easily fooling people and causing significant financial losses for organizations.

In the face of these novel phishing scams, many MSPs are turning to more advanced, AI-powered security measures that can effectively block these threats, while saving time and resources.

In this webinar, expert Ilya Gaidarov will dive into deepfake phishing scams and share actionable strategies for MSPs to improve their security service offerings.

In this webinar, you'll discover:

  • How crooks are using deepfakes to scam ordinary people—and to pull off multimillion-dollar heists
  • How scammers are evolving from fake voices to highly convincing fake video
  • How you can protect your customers from falling victim to these highly deceptive attacks

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Ilya Gaidarov

Sr. Manager, Product Marketing
Barracuda Networks