The MSP’s key to protecting Microsoft 365 data

A lot can go wrong with your customers’ Microsoft 365 data. And when it does, you are on the hook. You need to be able to quickly restore it in its entirety—not just to comply with SLA, but also to ensure customer business operations are not disrupted.

But where do you find this missing data? Microsoft does not natively backup customers’ Microsoft 365 data. In fact, their Terms of Service recommend a third-party backup solution. This is part of the “shared responsibility” model of security in the cloud—Microsoft 365 users are responsible for securing their own data.

Attend this eye-opening webinar and get all the facts about why Microsoft 365 data is at risk, and how to effectively address that risk using an advanced, highly secure cloud-based backup solution built specifically to protect and restore data in the cloud.

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Kyle Marsan

Sr. Solutions Engineer
Barracuda MSP