Overcome challenges associated with the tech talent shortage.

If finding and retaining cybersecurity talent is a challenge for your business, you’re not alone. With nearly 4 million positions available worldwide, competing with Fortune 500 companies to hire and keep talent can feel impossible. But you may not need to.

For many, the key to overcoming it is as simple as understanding essential cybersecurity hygiene practices and knowing how to find the right partners.

Join cybersecurity-as-a-service veteran Cormac Maguire as he discusses the five pillars of cybersecurity hygiene and how today’s most strategic MSPs are bypassing the talent shortage while growing their security service offerings, and their MRR.


  • What led to the cybersecurity talent shortage
  • Insights into why this challenge persists
  • A look at how Barracuda is helping MSPs overcome this challenge while mitigating risk associated with complex infrastructure, evolving threats, integration issues, and human error

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Cormac Maguire

Manager, XDR Sales
Barracuda MSP