Hiring a Hunter: The Top 10 Skills to Look for

You want to hire a hunter – or maybe an appointment setter. But how do you know what to look for other than someone who can find new prospects? Maybe you already have a salesperson, but their pipeline is dry. What does exist in their pipeline doesn’t close. Is it the market? Your sales rep? You’re not sure.

There are 10 critical MSP sales hunting skills every successful hunter possesses. If you are hiring a hunter or appointment setter, use these skills as a checklist to ensure they have what it takes to succeed.

Join our guest speaker, revenue generation authority and president, Kendra Lee, as she shares 10 essential competencies that successful MSP sales hunters possess.

In this webinar, you'll discover:

  • 10 skills every successful MSP sales hunter possesses
  • How to evaluate current and future sales hunters
  • 3 ways skilled hunters get in front of qualified prospects

After, you'll know which salespeople to hire – and who to avoid.

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Kendra Lee

KLA Group

Kendra Lee is a revenue generation authority, founder of KLA Group and author of The Sales Magnet. Under her direction, her company has helped MSPs build effective sales and marketing to enhance their brand awareness, strengthen their competitive positioning, and realize their growth goals. She guides MSPs on how to establish their revenue generation engine and grow their businesses with sales and marketing strategies that work in today’s competitive, over-communicative market. After working with KLA Group, numerous clients have gone on to be acquired or acquired other MSPs and continued their growth trajectory.