The Great ChatGPT Debate: New Age Hacking or Cutting-Edge Technology?

While it could be too soon to tell what risks ChatGPT may bring, we know that the topic has ignited conversation and debate on what’s to come and how AI technology will impact businesses.

During this session, we will be addressing your comments, questions, and concerns through a thought-provoking discussion led by tech expert, Nathan Bradbury.

In addition to the live discussion, we will share:

  • A quick overview of what ChatGPT is
  • How hackers might leverage this new technology
  • How to ensure your customers are protected from any potential risks associated with AI technologies
  • How technologies like ChatGPT can automate complex business practices
Take part in the discussion! Feel free to ask questions and share your thoughts before the webinar, we'll address them during the session.




Nathan Bradbury

Tech Expert
Barracuda MSP

JeffHogan_WBN Speaker Resize.png

Jeff Hogan

Manager, Partner Development Team
Barracuda MSP