Increase your Profit Margins with an All-in-One RMM

An RMM can be the key to improving an MSP’s profit margins. With its ability to monitor customers remotely, automate common routine maintenance services, and reduce costly truck rolls and travel times for technicians, MSPs can lower the cost of their service delivery with ease. But not every RMM is created equal.

Barracuda RMM sets itself apart by enabling MSPs to:
  • Provide continuous security assessment for their customers,
  • Ensure customers’ networks and devices are up to date with Microsoft and third-party security patches,
  • Monitor for anomalies across all customers through a central dashboard, and,
  • Deliver security services—all in a single tool.

Join Ken Bartlett as he shares how Barracuda RMM, a security focused RMM, can help you increase your business’s profit margins.



Ken Bartlett 1.jpg.png

Ken Bartlett

Sales Engineering Manager
Barracuda MSP