Voice of the MSP: The Managed Security Service Journey

Learn how your fellow MSP, MJ Flood Technology, was able to introduce proactive and successful security solutions for their clients by incorporating XDR as their cybersecurity-as-a-service tool.

Investing in capabilities like eXtended visibility, proactive detection & response backed by our 24x7 SOC changed the game for MJ Flood technology.

By combining technology with the support of our team of security experts in our SOC, this partner was able to not only enable its customers to improve their cybersecurity hygiene but also make internal improvements to their business via increased revenue, heightened productivity, ability to better demonstrate value, and more.

This will be a live, conversational session between partners. Bring your questions and prepare to be inspired!



JPKehoe 250x250.png

JP Kehoe

VP Sales, Managed XDR
Barracuda MSP

J.Finglas 250x250.png

James Finglas

Managing Director
MJ Flood Technology