An MSP's Guide to Understanding the Switchers Buyer's Journey

The MSP industry has continuously evolved at a rapid pace over the last 15 years. Today we have fancier tools, peer groups galore, "as-a-service" solutions for everything, and more IT Events than we can keep up with. But there is a big problem - lead generation is still awful and unpredictable. But why? Why is marketing continuously the number one issue for MSPs in survey after survey?

In this webinar, Derek Marin, founder of Simple Selling, will answer this big question by looking at the world from the buyer's perspective, and, more importantly, share some actionable tips that every MSP can take to start getting better results with marketing initiatives.

Those questions include:

  • What is the MSP Switcher's Journey?
  • What legacy sales and marketing assumptions no longer hold true?
  • What are the implications for MSP marketing strategies moving forward?




Derek Marin

Simple Selling