How to Get Appointments and Maximize Sales with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Sometimes LinkedIn can feel like a black hole. Where did the day go? If you're still wondering when your efforts will pay off, you might not be using the platform to its full potential. We'll show you how to connect with buyers and maximize sales using LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Join us to find out the ins and outs of Sales Navigator, including:

  • What differentiates LinkedIn Sales Navigator from LinkedIn
  • How to create account lists with the appropriate contacts for outreach
  • Tactics for converting your in-person referral to a high-potential LinkedIn referral network
  • When to use Lead Alerts as a networking currency for natural interactions
    If you thought about using LinkedIn Sales Navigator but aren't sure how to leverage it as an effective investment, this sessions is for you! Peek behind the curtain and get a tutorial on how to leverage this powerful business tool.




    Derek Marin

    Founder, Simple Selling