Quishing: The rise of QR code attacks and account takeover

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About the webinar

The Crime Prevention Warning from the PSNI is a reminder that QR code phishing attacks – or “Quishing” – are currently on the rise and present a significant threat to users and organisations alike. We are seeing an increasing danger around QR code attacks as they become more sophisticated, complex and harder to detect.

Watch this webinar where Barracuda experts will delve into this new threat. We will cover:

  • Background on QR code attacks.
  • What we are seeing in the market.
  • How we can help protect against QR code attacks.
  • Why incident response and zero trust access for account takeovers are vital to deploy.

Register today to get up to speed with this sophisticated new attack and how you can prevent it. 

Our Speakers

John Flatley
Consulting Solutions Engineer
Daniel Shortman
Territory Account Director

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