Protect your Microsoft 365 data from ransomware

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Ransomware attacks have been consistently hitting the headlines in recent years, causing serious reputational and financial losses for organisations in every industry.

A primary concern associated with ransomware is the potential for data loss. Microsoft 365 data is an attractive target for cybercriminals; and with the average ransomware payment reaching $258,143 in Q3 22*, it’s essential that organisations have a plan in place to secure their critical business data.

Join our webinar to hear insight that will help you protect your critical business data from ransomware threats, including:

  • Global threat activity – countries and regions experiencing the most malware encounters.
  • Recent ransomware attacks and the impact they’ve had.
  • How Microsoft recommends you use a 3rd party backup solution to protect your data.
  • How you can protect your data efficiently and provide an easy and reliable way to restore your Microsoft 365 data.

*Coveware Quarterly Ransomware Report (2022)


Charlie Smith
Consulting Solutions Architect