Securing everyone: Zero Trust 101

April 5, 2023
On demand

About this webinar:

Fast-growing advanced phishing, ransomware, and other attacks often rely on ill-gotten network access credentials to infiltrate your network and initiate the attack chain. And the rapid transition to widespread remote work has created many new opportunities for crooks to get the info they need to get in.
Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is a set of access-control protocols that go beyond traditional LDAP credentials and eliminate the vulnerabilities that can let attackers get past Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) schemes.
Attend this webinar to see for yourself why Zero Trust is quickly gaining traction—and to find out how easily your peers are already implementing it to effectively protect their network resources and data against unauthorized access.


Riaz Lakhani
Barracuda Networks
Sinan Eren
VP, Zero Trust Security
Barracuda Networks
Tim Jefferson
SVP- Engineering and DNA
Barracuda Networks

On demand