Using AI to shut down sophisticated new phishing threats

March 23, 2023
Available on-demand

About this webinar:

Cybercriminals are deploying sophisticated new kinds of phishing attacks that are undetectable by traditional email security solutions—and even by some of the most advanced solutions.  

Attend this webinar to get a detailed explanation of how these new phishing techniques exploit online tools, special characters, and image-only emails to evade detection and commit fraud or credential theft leading to data breaches and other costly impacts. 

 At the webinar, you’ll see analyses of several real-world attacks uncovered by Barracuda threat teams—and you’ll discover how new strategies and technologies can keep your organization and users safe by spotting and blocking these dangerous threat tactics. 


Olesia Klevchuk
Director, Product Marketing
Barracuda Networks
Prebh Dev Singh
Senior Product Manager
Barracuda Networks

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