How to stop malicious bots from causing malicious data breaches

December 7, 2022
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About this webinar:

How do you detect and respond to bot attacks on your web applications?

Get an in-depth look at the ways cybercriminals are attacking SaaS applications and cloud infrastructure with malicious bots and the strategies and solutions to protect your business from DDoS, credential stuffing, scraping, and other constant threats.

See all the latest security details for yourself, including how to:

  • Gain full visibility into your application traffic
  • Protect against dangerous API and supply chain attacks
  • Stop malicious bots dead in their tracks

Don’t miss this informative webinar with all the latest information and insights to protect your web apps, including using AI and ML to improve detection efficacy against bad bots.

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Nitzan Miron
VP, Product Management
Barracuda Networks
Kaivan Jesung
Sr. Director, Marketing Operations
Barracuda Networks

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