Reducing Ransomware Risk: Waco, Texas CIO Shares Proven Strategies

October 26, 2022
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With state and local governments and educational organizations (SLED) facing a barrage of ransomware attacks, there’s no better source of advice about how to fight back effectively than someone who’s been there and done that.

Attend this webinar presented by Barracuda Principal Product Marketing Manager Stasia Hurley and special guest Mike Searight, Chief Information Officer for the city of Waco, Texas.

Join us to find out how Searight and his team have hardened the city’s network against today’s sophisticated, multi-vector ransomware attacks with a comprehensive set of technical capabilities, including:

  • Advanced cloud-based email gateway featuring Advanced Threat Detection and a real-time global threat intelligence system
  • AI-powered capabilities that constantly monitor incoming, outgoing, and internal traffic to detect and block phishing, account takeover, and fraud
  • Powerful, highly secure backup that enables the IT team to quickly respond to ransomware attacks by quickly restoring any compromised data

The presenters will also discuss the role of cyber insurance and how to effectively use it as an integral part of your anti-ransomware infrastructure.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to gain critical insights about best practices for combating the rising tide of advanced ransomware attacks targeting government and educational organizations. Reserve your spot now.


Anastasia Hurley
Principal Product Marketing Manager
Barracuda Networks
Mike Searight
The City of Waco, TX

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