Hardening Microsoft 365 Against New Account Takeover Attacks

October 19, 2022
On demand

About this webinar:

Account takeovers driven by phishing and credential-theft attacks are on the rise—and Microsoft 365 accounts are the top target, with 1 in 5 organizations suffering a compromise in 2021.

Join this webinar and discover:

  • The latest criminal tactics to take over Microsoft 365 accounts and conceal their activity
  • How a single compromised account can be a launchpad for multiple attacks on your ecosystem partners
  • How lateral movement within a target network can go undetected for weeks or months
  • Why AI-powered email security is essential to effectively combat account takeover

Plus, see how to use the latest Barracuda Email Protection capability updates to harden your Microsoft 365 accounts against takeover by sophisticated cyber crooks.


Olesia Klevchuk
Director, Product Marketing
Barracuda Networks

On demand: