Cyber Insurance: Why it pays to be prepared

October 13, 2022


Increasing numbers of organizations have purchased, or are considering purchasing, cyber insurance policies, which allow policy-holders to file claims for full or partial reimbursement of financial losses resulting from ransomware or other types of cyber attack.

But just as with other types of insurance, individual policies vary greatly in premiums paid, level of coverage, deductibles, and basic eligibility based on providers’ perception of applicants’ risk levels.

Understanding the factors that insurers look at to make decisions about specific policies—such as whether an applicant is in conformity with accepted best practices for securing networks against attack—is critical to improving your chances of getting a good deal on your cyber insurance policy.

At this webinar, Barracuda CTO Fleming Shi and Principal Product Marketing Manager Stasia Hurley will provide an in-depth discussion of how to prepare before talking to insurance providers. Attend and discover:

  • The factors that insurers consider when determining whether you are a high-risk or low-risk prospect—including some that may surprise you
  • How to prepare yourself by implementing best security practices across your network, in order to get the lowest premiums and deductibles, and the most complete coverage
  • The long-term cumulative costs that can result from approaching insurance providers without being as fully prepared as possible

Plus, see how easily you can get an accurate assessment of your current exposure to ransomware risk, and recommendations for reducing risks—and making your organization eligible for a higher-value policy.

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Fleming Shi
Chief Technical Officer
Barracuda Networks
Anastasia Hurley
Principal Product Marketing Manager
Barracuda Networks