Real-World Success: How Hunt Brothers Pizza Secures Microsoft 365

July 20, 2022
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Understanding how to defend a new set of attack surfaces in the cloud against a rising tide of sophisticated, multi-vector cyber-threats is an important part of migrating to Microsoft 365.

To get the insights and information you need to implement comprehensive, cloud-first solutions for email security, data protection, and more in Microsoft 365, attend this live conversation featuring Jon Smallwood, IT Manager for Hunt Brothers Pizza, and Barracuda Product Marketing Director Olesia Klevchuk.

Find out exactly how Smallwood and his team responded to a wave of advanced phishing and account-takeover attacks, using modern, AI-powered inbox-defense technology to stop threats that evade traditional security. And get the first-hand story of how automated incident response, combined with a huge decline in incidents, has freed up eight IT person-hours a week.

Plus, you’ll discover:

  • How your peers are migrating securely to Microsoft 365
  • Why your peers are using third-party security and data protection in Microsoft 365
  • How modern phishing and account-takeover attacks exploit multiple vectors
  • How modern inbox defense solutions use machine learning to build detection efficacy

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Olesia Klevchuk
Product Marketing Director
Barracuda Networks
Jon Smallwood
IT Manager
Hunt Brothers Pizza

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