Barracuda | Vandis | AWS Dev Day: Advanced Zero Trust Access Control

May 11, 2022
Available On-Demand

Emre Tezisci
Sales Engineer
Barracuda Networks
Tom Ricardo
Head of Cloud Strategy and Solutions
Faisal Pias
Partner Solutions Architect

See how easy it can be to deploy and manage robust zero-trust access controls.

Attend this virtual, hands-on workshop and gain the skills to protect your network assets against unauthorized access with Barracuda CloudGen Access.

Join us in conjuction with Vandis, an AWS Advanced Managed Consulting Partner, for an in-depth look at how your business can implement superior access controls without the performance pitfalls of VPN. 

After this workshop, you'll be able to:

  • Deploy zero-trust access controls easily, quickly, with granular customization of access rule-sets
  • Enable secure access to corporate resources, apps, and workloads for your outsourcers, partners, contractors, and post-M&A subsidiaries.
  • Accelerate DevOps and simplify access to Kubernetes private networks
  • Simplify compliance with reports that let you manage, track, and verify the who, what, and when of privileged access in one product

Plus, see for yourself how continuous monitoring of multiple factors ensures that only the right person and device, at the right time and from the right place, can access any of your organization’s network assets—data, apps, and other resources.

Bonus: Get a $100 AWS credit code for attending this workshop.

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*As this is a hands-on virtual workshop, we recommend attending the session on a computer. If you have two monitors, you can place the instructor screen on one monitor and follow along on the other. If you don’t have two monitors available, you can split your screen so that you can follow along.

Event Sponsor: Barracuda Networks

Event Co-Sponsor: AWS

Event Guest Instructor: Vandis