Ransomware: Effective Threat Response with AWS and Barracuda

December 08, 2021
Available on-demand

Brett Wolmarans
Director of Solutions, Application Security
Barracuda Networks
Stasia Hurley
Senior Product Manager
Barracuda Networks
Larry Kiger
Security and Compliance Leader for the Americas

Ransomware continues to be a major source of risk—financial, operational, and reputational—to your organization. Today’s ransomware attacks can find and compromise the data stored in your AWS environment. To minimize the risks, it’s important to deploy effective defenses designed for the cloud.

Attend this webinar, co-presented by AWS and Barracuda, and get the latest insights about modern, multi-stage ransomware that leverages multiple vectors to access your data. You’ll find out:

  • How AWS views the ransomware threat and works to mitigate risk
  • What Barracuda’s ongoing research reveals about the latest ransomware variants
  • Three steps to effectively stop ransomware criminals by protecting your email, network and apps, and data both on-premises and in the AWS cloud

Don’t miss this timely and highly informative live presentation followed by a q&a session. Save your spot now and get the info you need to stay ahead of the latest ransomware techniques.