Data Protection: Critical Ransomware Protection for Schools

December 02, 2021
Available On-Demand

Stasia Hurley
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Barracuda Networks
Chuck Luey
Client Director
Pooja Mysore
Client Technology Lead

This webinar is co-presented by Microsoft and Barracuda exclusively for K-12 and post-secondary educational IT professionals navigating the unique challenges of the COVID era—including the ransomware threat.

Get detailed insights into the education ransomware risk, how you may be leaving sensitive data exposed, and the top ways to protect your environment. And see why an effective backup solution designed for Office 365 is a critical element in your cloud data protection strategy.

Attend and find out:

  • Why backup is a key target of ransomware attacks and the backup vulnerabilities you may have overlooked
  • Where sensitive data might be hiding in plain sight and could be fully exposed in case of a data breach or even during daily operations
  • How to protect staff and student data without overloading IT staff

Join this webinar and get the info you need to ensure your school’s students, staff, and community are protected against unintentional or malicious data loss.