The Three Stages of Ransomware: Threat Spotlight Findings and Analysis

August 25, 2021
Available On-Demand

Fleming Shi
Chief Technology Officer
Barracuda Networks
Stasia Hurley
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Barracuda Networks

Attend this webinar to find out how today’s devastating ransomware attacks unfold. And see why only a multi-layered, comprehensive security posture can give you a high level of protection against them.

At the webinar, Barracuda’s top ransomware specialists will present the most recent ransomware research findings in the August Threat Spotlight. And they’ll break down how today’s complex, multi-stage ransomware attacks exploit gaps in your email security, web app security, and data protection to achieve their criminal goals.

Join us and gain the knowledge and tools you need to defend your organization against this fast-changing threat—by ensuring that at each stage of an attack, ransomware crooks are confronted by modern, effective security solutions.

See for yourself how easy it can be to defeat ransomware by:

  • Enhancing email security with AI-powered phishing detection and advanced user security awareness training
  • Hardening web applications against exploitation and implementing advanced, zero-trust access controls and policies
  • Ensuring that you can rapidly and completely recover data and systems compromised by ransomware with a highly secure, modern backup strategy

Ransomware will keep making headlines, but after this webinar you’ll know how to keep your company out of them.