Innovating for a secure future: Microsoft and Barracuda address emerging threats

May 20, 2021
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David Totten
Chief Technology Officer, US Partner Ecosystem
Tim Jefferson
SVP Engineering and Product Management - Data, Network, Application Security
Barracuda Networks
Nicole Napiltonia
VP of Alliances
Barracuda Networks

Our digital world is constantly evolving—there are always new threats and challenges, but also opportunities to respond to them in innovative ways. The only constant is change; success demands constant adaptation.

The longstanding partnership between Microsoft and Barracuda embodies and expresses this fundamental principle. Their collaborative development project has driven groundbreaking innovations in data security, application security, network security, and data protection.

Join this enlightening panel discussion to gain a detailed understanding of how these industry leaders accurately foresee future challenges and preemptively develop platforms and solutions that allow organizations like yours to take those challenges in stride—while improving productivity and ensuring operational continuity.

Attend this session and see how the innovations born from this partnership can help you:

  • Address the challenges of securely managing a hybrid remote/on-premises workforce using trust-based network access control
  • Protect your entire ecosystem from application-layer attacks with integrated application security platforms that are both easier to use and more capable than traditional WAFs
  • Prevent data loss across hybrid networks with advanced, cloud-based backup solutions that require no onsite hardware or manual intervention except to restore deleted files

And more. Register now to sit in on this fascinating conversation and find out how the future is shaping up—and how Barracuda and Microsoft are helping you prepare to meet it.