Step by step: Easily build a secure SD-WAN network from the ground up

April 21, 2021
Available On-Demand

Nikhil Bedi
Cloud Solutions Architect
Barracuda Networks
Tom Ricardo
Head of Cloud Strategy and Solutions
Gustavo Fernandez
Consulting Systems Engineer
Barracuda Networks

True in-person boot camps aren’t yet happening, but this live online event is far more than a typical demo. You’ll follow along as experts from Barracuda and Vandis show you exactly how to set up and configure a complete, distributed SD-WAN network that fully leverages Azure Virtual WAN and Barracuda CloudGen WAN to optimize performance, security, and simplicity of management.

Starting with a given set of end devices and locations, see in real-time how simple it is to

  • Procure hardware and virtual firewall appliances delivered to all HQ and branch locations, and engage cloud firewall services through the Azure Marketplace
  • Connect and configure each device using zero-touch deployment capabilities and a simple graphic interface for creating high-performance VPN tunnels
  • Engage the entire network via a single control panel that lets you easily customize granular security and access-management controls

We’ll also demonstrate how this tight integration—born of co-development by Microsoft and Barracuda teams—also ensures that Azure’s Log Analytics tool provides rich insights based on network activity.

If you want to see for yourself exactly what it takes—and how easy it really is—to build a modern cloud-integrated SD-WAN network, be sure not to miss this special event.