Building your Zero Trust roadmap

April 29, 2021
Available On-Demand

Sinan Eren
VP, Zero Trust Access
Barracuda Networks
Mike Goldgof
Sr Director, Product Marketing
Barracuda Networks

Implementing a Zero Trust Network Access strategy shouldn't be complex or difficult—as long as you follow best practices and avoid the pitfalls that can leave your digital resources exposed to threat actors.

The first step? Get a copy of the new report from Forrester Research: A Practical Guide to Zero Trust Implementation. It’s yours free when you join us for this April 29th webinar, where Barracuda’s top Zero Trust experts will unpack and present the key findings in the report.

Now that remote work is the rule rather than the exception, it’s time to protect your assets and resources using modern Zero Trust protocols and solutions. Get the info you need to make it happen: Join the webinar and get your free copy of this important Forrester report.