The future of work: Cybersecurity in 2021 and beyond

February 17, 2021
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Fleming Shi
Chief Technology Officer
Barracuda Networks
Sinan Eren
VP, Zero Trust Access
Barracuda Networks
Kathy Wang
Chief Information Security Officer
Very Good Security

See for yourself what top cybersecurity experts have to say about remote work, the evolving threat landscape, and protecting your business.

Get all the latest insider information and analysis about a wide-variety of cybersecurity topics:

  • Which key threats and trends stand out
  • How cybercriminals are extending the enterprise attack surface
  • Why remote work is here to stay and what to expect going forward
  • What you need to know about “Bring Your Own Network”

Join Guest Speaker Kathy Wang, CISO of Very Good Security and former head of security for Gitlab, Barracuda CTO Fleming Shi, and Sinan Eren, Vice President of zero-trust access, for this question-and-answer session packed with new information and forward-looking insights about the year ahead and beyond.

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