[Webinar] Spear-Phishing: Top Threats and Trends Vol. 5

January 13, 2021
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Olesia Klevchuk
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Barracuda Networks
Asaf Cidon
Columbia University Professor
Barracuda Networks Consultant

How are you protecting against cybercriminals finding new ways to launch spear-phishing attacks, exploit compromised email accounts, and wreak havoc on your business?

See all the new cybersecurity details for yourself, including the latest tactics used by scammers and the best practices to defend against evolving threats:

  • How attackers are quickly adapting to current events and using new tricks to successfully execute spear phishing, business email compromise, pandemic-related scams, and other attacks
  • Why organizations need to protect against URL redirects and shortening services used to disguise malicious links in phishing emails
  • Which advanced detection and remediation techniques, account-takeover protection solutions, and security-awareness training strategies businesses are using to stop expensive and damaging attacks

Join this in-depth webinar about the findings of the report, including new analysis and insight to help protect your business from these targeted, sophisticated, evolving threats.

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