Threat Spotlight: Ransomware

October 06, 2020
Available On-Demand

Fleming Shi
Chief Technology Officer
Barracuda Networks
Stasia Hurley
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Barracuda Networks

Protect your employees, data, and business from sophisticated and costly ransomware attacks.

Don’t miss the details about this rapidly-growing threat, including how cybercriminals are targeting government, healthcare, education, and other organizations.

  • Defend your business from malicious ransomware that infects your network and locks email, data, and other critical files.
  • Guard against crippled day-to-day operations, chaos, and financial losses from downtime, recovery costs, and other unbudgeted and unanticipated expenses.
  • Detect, block and recover from attacks—without paying the ransom.

Join Barracuda CTO Fleming Shi and Data-Protection Expert Anastasia Hurley for an in-depth webinar with details, analysis, and insight about the latest spike in ransomware attacks, along with strategies and solutions to help protect your critical business data from these severe threats.

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