Threat Spotlight: Malicious accounts in business email compromise

September 16, 2020
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Olesia Klevchuk
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Barracuda Networks

Beware of cybercriminals creating accounts with legitimate email services and using them to launch impersonation and business email compromise (BEC) attacks.

Don’t miss the details about this emerging threat, including the tactics and techniques cybercriminals are using to trick victims and successfully launch attacks.

  • Defend your business from potentially-costly and publicly-embarrassing impersonation and business email compromise attacks.
  • Identify the warning signs of attacks designed to avoid detection and bypass email gateways, including how to monitor for malicious activity and leverage artificial intelligence.
  • See how you can protect your business by quickly and effectively detecting, blocking, and remediating the most dangerous, evolving threats.

Join Email Security Expert Olesia Klevchuk for an in-depth webinar about the latest attacks, along with analysis, insight, and solutions to help strengthen your email security, protect your business, and defend against these threats.

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