New Email Threats and the New Normal: Protecting Remote Workers

June 17, 2020
Available On-Demand

Don MacLennan
SVP, Engineering & Product Mgmt, Email Protection
Barracuda Networks
Nishant Taneja
Sr. Director, Product Marketing
Barracuda Networks

As we settle into a world where remote work is increasingly familiar, the criminals who attack your network using email are adjusting their techniques to take advantage of new ways that workers collaborate. To secure your users against these threats, it’s important to avoid complacency, and to be aware of the changing security landscape that’s emerging in the “new normal.”

Join this interview-style webinar and find out what Don MacLennan has to share about the current situation. As Barracuda’s Senior Vice President, Engineering and Product Management, Email Protection, Don is sure to have plenty of unique insights that you can use to gain an edge against the latest generation of email threats.

Register now, and attend the webinar to discover:

  • Why cyber criminals are going through longer, more elaborate processes in order to gain victims’ trust
  • Why users working remotely must learn to be more suspicious and less trusting than in the past
  • Which specific conditions associated with remote working are most exploitable by criminals—and how to avoid becoming a victim

And much more. Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to gain the latest insights and strategies from an experienced security professional who’s right there in the trenches, leading the fight against today’s most sophisticated email threats.