Threat Spotlight: Form-Based Attacks

June 09, 2020
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Olesia Klevchuk
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Barracuda Networks

Beware of cyber criminals using Google-branded sites to trick victims!

Protect your employees, data and business from form-based attacks, a new type of brand impersonation that uses phishing emails and Google-branded sites.

Don’t miss the details about this emerging threat, including how cybercriminals are tricking victims into sharing their login credentials.

  • Defend your business from brand-impersonation attacks that use phishing and Google-branded sites to steal credentials and wreak havoc.
  • Help your employees spot the three most common tactics cybercriminals use to launch form-based attacks, so they can avoid becoming victims.
  • See how API-based inbox defense, account-takeover protection, and user-security education can help protect your organization.

Join Email Security Expert Olesia Klevchuk for an in-depth webinar about the latest spike in form-based attacks, along with analysis, insight and solutions to help strengthen your email security and defend against these evolving cyberattacks.

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