Threat Spotlight: Malicious use of reCaptcha

May 20, 2020
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Jonathan Tanner
Senior Security Researcher
Barracuda Networks

Beware of phishing campaigns using reCaptcha walls...

Don’t miss the details about this emerging threat, including how cybercriminals are using reCaptcha to lend credibility to their phishing campaigns and block URL scanning services designed to identify phishing websites.

  • Protect your employees, data and business from phishing campaigns using malicious reCaptcha walls that prevent automated URL analysis.
  • Help users spot and stop sophisticated phishing attacks by checking for suspicious senders, URLS, and attachments.
  • See how email-protection solutions can detect and stop phishing emails before they reach inboxes.

Join Senior Security Researcher Jonathan Tanner for an in-depth webinar about phishing campaigns using malicious reCaptcha walls, along with analysis, insight and solutions to help strengthen your email security and defend your business against these evolving cyberattacks.

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