Barracuda IT SVP on Making the Sudden Shift to a Fully Remote Workforce

Tuesday, April 14, 2020
Available On-Demand

Neela Jacques
VP, Product Marketing
Barracuda Networks
Simon Yeo
SVP, Global Operations and Infrastructure
Barracuda Networks

At Barracuda, we like to think that our IT team uses the best security and data-protection solutions in the world to enable and secure our globally distributed network. But that doesn’t mean that the sudden transition to a fully remote Barracuda workforce—including the IT team itself—was a walk in the park.

Join this webinar and sit in on an info-packed interview with Simon Yeo, Barracuda’s Senior Vice President of IT. Like you, Yeo and his team are in the midst of managing a massive transition, and—also like you—they are facing challenges around security, operational continuity, supporting users effectively, and more.

At the webinar, Barracuda Product Marketing Vice President Neela Jacques will ask Yeo to walk us through the challenges he faced, the steps he took, and the tools he used to keep Barracuda safe and on-track during this big change. Join us and find out:

  • How Yeo identified and prioritized the steps to be taken most urgently
  • Which security concerns were most pressing
  • What it took to securely scale remote access for all employees worldwide

And much more. Be sure to attend and get the real-world insights you need to get through this safely—from an IT veteran who’s right there in the trenches with you.