Scaling and Protecting Websites Stretched by COVID-19

March 26, 2020
8:00 AM PDT - 9:00 AM PDT

Parth Jagirdar
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Barracuda Networks
Nitzan Miron
VP Product Management, Application Security
Barracuda Networks

The COVID-19 crisis is forcing retailers to dramatically accelerate the shift to doing business online. This means you’re suddenly ramping up the web applications that your business depends on. Join this webinar to get advice on how to stay secure while rapidly scaling up capacity.

Join us at this webinar and find out:

  • How to scale your web apps rapidly without compromising security
  • How to prevent downtime during a time of heightened risk
  • How to make sure you’re following security best practices
  • How to ensure you have all the basic application-security protections in place
  • How to decide whether advanced protection against bots and advanced threats is appropriate for your organization at this time

Plus, we’ll answer all your questions about your specific situation.

We’re committed to supporting you with the critical information you need to adapt to changing circumstances safely. Please be sure to attend this webinar and learn to protect your data, your company, and your people in these challenging times.