Protecting Your Workers From COVID-19-Related Email Threats

Available On-Demand

Olesia Klevchuk
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Barracuda Networks
Nishant Taneja
Sr. Director, Product Marketing
Barracuda Networks

Ensure protection of your people and business during virus outbreak.

With the increase in volume of email, constant news updates, and distracted remote employees due to COVID-19, cybercriminals are exploiting the situation with targeted phishing attacks.

Join this webinar and discover:

  • What new attacks are being used by hackers to take advantage of the outbreak
  • Which strategies you can rapidly put in place to protect your Office 365 users and to educate them on avoiding threats while working remotely
  • How to use automation technology to respond to security incidents fast—so you can put resources where they’re most needed: supporting your remote workforce and keeping them secure.

Plus, we’ll answer all your questions about security during these challenging times.