Creating an effective phishing incident response strategy

March 11, 2020
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PDT

Olesia Klevchuk
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Barracuda Networks

Join this webinar and find out what to do when a phishing attack slips past your defenses—as it inevitably will—and lands in your users’ inboxes.

Seconds count. And even the fastest, most accurate manual incident-response processes are too slow. Users have time to fall for the scam and click malicious links. Malware has time to spread from its initial infection site throughout your network. The risk of serious damage increases rapidly.

Attend the webinar and see how deploying an automated incident-response solution can radically reduce your risk. Get informed about modern strategies that let you respond to a reported attack and secure your organization against damage in just minutes.

See how your peers are implementing best practices to:

  • Instantly measure the scope of an attack and identify all affected inboxes
  • Remove malicious email from all affected inboxes with a few clicks
  • Use forensic insights to prevent future attacks from getting through

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