Ransomware - What you Must Know for 2020

January 14, 2020
1 hour


Fleming Shi
Barracuda Networks
Anastasia Hurley
Product Marketing Expert
Barracuda Networks

Prepare yourself and your organization to minimize the impacts of ransomware as it evolves for 2020. Attend this webinar and get the latest insights about ransomware trends from Barracuda Chief Technology Officer Fleming Shi. Find out what he has to say about:

  • Why ransom amounts are increasing—and how the growth of cyber-insurance contributes to that increase
  • What 2019 trends—such as meme-based attacks—can tell us about top 2020 threats
  • How state-sponsored ransomware attacks may soon drive expansion of target profiles
  • Why a modern backup solution is critical for ransomware recovery and business continuity

Finally, see for yourself how today’s advanced solutions give you the power to build a highly effective security infrastructure that will combat ransomware today, and all year long.