Securing your business during the COVID-19 crisis

Available On-Demand

Nicolas Jacques
VP, Product Marketing
Barracuda Networks
Stephanie Cavigliano
Product Marketing Manager
Barracuda Networks

Like you and your colleagues, Barracuda personnel are dealing with a rapid shift to universal remote work—and addressing the challenges that arise from this disruptive change. We remain 100 percent committed to supporting customers like you through this difficult time.

At this webinar, Barracuda cybersecurity experts will discuss the areas of greatest concern to IT security professionals leading their organizations through this crisis:

  • Secure remote access
    All your users now need to easily and securely access applications, data, and resources on the corporate network from home. We’ll talk about how to quickly adjust policies and permissions as needed. And for those of you using Barracuda CloudGen Firewall, we’ll talk about specific features that you can activate to make large-scale remote access easier and more secure.
  • Protection from increased email risk
    Many of your employees are first-time remote workers—at home, they’ll be more distracted and more vulnerable to phishing and other email scams. And, the COVID-19 crisis is leading cybercriminals to launch new phishing attacks to target people’s heightened anxiety. We’ll talk about how to establish or maintain comprehensive email protection.
  • Robust data protection
    Users are going to have to get used to new ways of saving data and documents securely, and we’ll discuss ways for you and your team to plan these changes carefully and communicate new processes clearly. And if you have been depending on native features to protect and back up your Office 365 data, now is a perfect time to heed Microsoft’s best-practices recommendation to use a third-party backup solution for reliable protection.
  • Scale online applications securely
    If your organization usually depends on significant direct contact with customers—retail in particular, but also many other industries—then you’re dealing with a big spike in traffic to your online applications during this crisis. We’ll look into the security aspects of rapidly scaling up application capacity.

Please join us for this opportunity to interact with peers and to gain actionable insights about how to keep your business secure in this extraordinary time.